Mission and Vision


Equipping believers to cultivate relationships with those who do not know Christ.


Our vision comes from our mission. By the grace of God we believe that we will see God do this in our lives through the process of Loving, Mending, Teaching, and Sending:

Develop an unquenchable desire for Jesus.
Walk with freedom in Christ.
Develop a love for the Word of God.
Know the Father’s love.
Be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Walk-in purity.
Be used in signs and wonders.
Develop a passionate prayer life.
Be discipled to make disciples.
Uncover the next steps of our destiny.
Develop the heart of a servant.
Be mentored.
Understand and share the Gospel of Jesus, which is the Kingdom has come.

Vision Statement

The purpose of Tree of Life Church is to glorify God by recognizing Jesus as Lord of every aspect of our lives. The expression of His Lordship will be realized individually by obedience to the Word of God, heartfelt expression of worship, daily prayer and intercession, and active involvement in developing covenantal relationships with others in the Body of Christ. It is our desire to celebrate the created image of God in each individual and bring them to spiritual wholeness in Christ through implementing God’s grace in their lives through the process of Loving, Mending, Teaching, and Sending. Our purpose extends outward to our community and world to establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven and to present an example of the life of Christ in us, which is available through believing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Statement of faith

The Bible is the inspired Word of God.
God is triune, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Man fell through disobedience.
Christ died for our sins.
Salvation is by grace.
In a daily relationship with Jesus.
In water baptism by immersion.
In the regular celebration of the Lord’s Supper.
In the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.
In the gifts and fruit of the Spirit.
In divine healing.
That the second coming of Christ is both imminent and personal.
In the final judgment.
In heaven and hell.
That the Church is responsible to evangelize all the world.
In tithes and offerings to finance the work of the ministry.